Freediving athlete

Before developing a friend-coach relationship with George Panagiotakis, I couldn’t imagine my capabilities in the water. The signs from the first training attempts were encouraging. Two years later I owe all my achievements to him. As a well-known athlete once told me, I have the best coach in the world. Now I am sure that I do.

Freediving athlete & Freediving instructor

I started my competitive journey following George’s encouragement, and from my first ever competition the results were more than obvious. George is the ‘right person’ when it comes to improving both your training and psychology - being a professional athlete himself; he will spend a lot of time working with you to give you the best results

Freediving instructor & Spearfishing athlete

Apart from being a freediving instructor, George Panagiotakis is an athlete of world record status. Because of my connection with George I have seen the sacrifices that have had to be made, the effort and time put in to be able to achieve his goals every single time and raise the bar even higher. George to me is my coach, my friend and above all my source of inspiration that keeps me going to become better and stronger.

Freediving athelte &NR holder DNF

George was the reason I got involved with freediving. Until then I tried to train on my own, but I understood what the sport was all about when George became my coach. With his guidance and professionalism, I managed to set two new national records in static apnea and dynamic with no fins. He is truly one of the best at what he does, and it was a privilege and honor to work with him side by side.