A Success Story of Agnieszka Kalska - Poland

In today's post, I would like to represent you my most but hardest ''Freediving Success Stories'' ever! I am writing about Agnieszka Kalska the freediver athlete from Poland, who managed to achieve great results during the period between December 2017 until November 2018 (11 months).


Her potentials in the Freediving and more specifically in the pool disciplines, were evident from the very beginning, but for some unknown reasons, the competition results were not the expected ones...or to be honest, she didn't get what she deserved. HOW THEY ALL STARTED I've started my cooperation with Agnieszka before a year ago (last December). She was in my e-mailing list from the early beginning (2015), and she sent me a message last December and ask me to help her for the next season.

After a few conversations with her, I realised that she was training with a very ''unorthodox and uncustomized'' way from my point of view which negatively affected the competition results.

As I wrote above, she was really talented mentally and physically, so for me, it was an excellent opportunity to apply and work my training system to see her progress in the next few months. Until then, her personal best performances are the following:

  • Static Apnea: 6'00''

  • Dynamic No Fins: 165m

  • Dyamic With Monofin: 215m

After 11 months of training under my supervision she managed to achieve the following results:

  • AIDA Individual Pool World Championship / Belgrade 2018 DYN: 229m / 4th Place - A final - New Personal Best

  • MINSK BELARUS CUP / NOVEMBER 2018 STA: 6'14'' - New Personal Best DYN: 240m - New Personal Best


So, what kind of adjustments I've made to her training plan to achieve tremendous progress in the last 11 months of our cooperation?

1#. I explained the pros and cons of my training approach.

The more you know about your training, the better the motivation and faith will have during the hard training periods.

2#. I analysed the training cycles based on competition goals, and I sent everything on her email.

The best way to understand something is to hear it and read it!

3#. I specialised the workouts to improve her technical weaknesses which were: underwater technique, buoyancy, speed paces, ideal equipment, etc.

All the above technical parameters can give you a significant advantage in your performances without change anything about your training approach. I understood this crucial principle from the very beginning of my freediving career and I always try to apply those parameters to all of my athletes.

4#. I customised the plan to develop the specific anaerobic metabolic energy system differently.

For three years, she was mainly working to develop her apnea capabilities without paying much attention to improve her physical conditioning and the crucial technical parameters that I described above. It's an essential mistake that most of the people make in preparing for a significant competition.



5#. Frequent feedbacks and healthy relationship

For me, this is the most critical parameter for long-term success with an athlete or a person that you offer coaching services.

Agnieszka worked for the past three years with another coach.

So for me, any change to her training plan gave me back tons of questions (Why we are doing this and that...Why in this intensity and what the purpose of this exercise, etc.)

One of the most significant risks, when you train an experienced and advanced athlete is that you have the RESPONSIBILITY to lead him/her to better results even if you work with the highest professionalism in the world. The COMPARISON is always in the back of our mind but of course, most of the times, to compare coaching services from the final results is not the best thing but unfortunately

------------------- IT IS THE FUCKING TRUTH! ---------------------------


The purpose of driving athletes in to their best physical shape will always give me the motivation to push my self forward, to help them to reach their fullest potential in this fascinating sport!

From the very beginning of my coaching services, I always ''chasing'' a better connection with me and my athletes and the real fire goal of any collaboration is to share my freediving secrets and teach them the ''prons and cons'' of our training plan in order to be independent and prepare their training plan by themselves with success, even after the end of our collaboration.

That's all at the moment!

I hope you enjoyed this particular success story!

If you want to take your freediving skills to the next level, write in the comments below or send me your questions at info@giorgospanagiotakis.com

Until the next blog post,

Hold your breath and dive safe!



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