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In today's blog post, I would like to represent you a short success story of my Spanish athlete - Santi Lopez!

Santi and I, started our collaboration in the middle of December. In his first email was wondering if it was possible to help him to improve his records in a period of five months, until the National Pool Championships...

Furthermore, he noticed that his current lifestyle schedule was unstable and tight, because of the twins that came into his life a few weeks before!

My job with Santi was not easy, because of the following reasons:

1. He was already out of any competitions for three years. 2. He didn’t have any serious training plan from then until now. 3. The daily schedule was really unstable and tight with his children and his job as an instructor, and I wasn't sure if he was able to commit to my workout plan until the end!

I explain the situation to him, and I asked to send me some underwater videos, to have a better understanding of his current technique and swimming level.

As you can see from the video below, his technical level was not the best one, and there was a lot of room for improvement.


Finally, I decided to undertake his complete workout preparation (nutrition + training) and do my best for him!

In the beginning, the training plan was tough enough for Santi, due to the low physical conditioning level which he had. From the very first feedbacks, he told me that he was not able to swim all the training distances with the monofin with the proper technique and also, his adaptation and recovery abilities from every workout was weak too.

One of the primary reasons why my online coaching is successful is because I have frequent contact with my athletes, and I am available for them to explain, what difficulties they're going to encounter and what they have to do to overcome them!

As expected, I couldn’t do the opposite with him! Weekly contacts with emails and a lot of videos entered into the schedule, in order to give the proper suggestions and the required explanations to improve the quality of his skills, day by day.

After the first five months of specific training based on his needs, the results were more than satisfied!



Below you can read the feedback that I've gotten from him after the competition:

My conclusion from Santi's feedback and some thoughts on his future training plan:

1#. The new training plan has a purpose of preparing Santi not only physically but also mentally to overcome the anxiety issues at the right time (competition).

2#. I will add extra workout sets during the week to give him the opportunity to Masterise his technical skills underwater to be better prepared for the future competitions.

3#. He was able to maintain speed during the whole performances, both, in DYN and DNF, and I will keep the same training approach for the next year with some small modifications to give more anaerobic energy for the last meters.

4#. I will give him shorter training cycles than this year to control better his recovery and to make space for more relaxation.

5#. In the next year, Santi would be more ready physically and mentally to follow a similar training approach, and hence his body will have the abilities to adapt better in workout stimulus. This would give a significant advantage for him to execute better performances with less amount of training volume.

That's all!

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P.S 1: More Success stories are coming soon!

P.S 2: Do you want to take your freediving skills to the next level? Reply to this email, and I will get back to you with more details on how to register for my coaching services.

P.S 3: In the next blog post, I will dive ''deep'' again into the fascinating topic of training.

Stay tuned :)

Your friend, George

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