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  • Monthly personalized training plan

  • Video analysis on your technique

  • Weekly e-mail contact

  • Monthly Skype meeting




Alon Rivkind - Israel

This year I have decided to train in the pool to improve my capabilities in Dynamic apnea with monofin & to take part in two dynamic competitions, and I have also set a goal to break the national record.  As a deep freediver, I know that the correct training for specific discipline is vital. So, I decided to cooperate with Giorgos Panagiotakis. He sent me a training program that built explicitly for me & I started to work on it.


After six weeks of training, I went to participate in the Serbian open freediving championship 2018. It was my very-first Dynamic competition, and I managed to set a national record of 193m. It was 33 meters more from the old national record. 


''Later this Year, in the National Championship in Israel, I've managed to break the national record again in Dynamic apnea with fins with 200m and also to improve one more National Record this time in DNF with 125m.''


The improvement in this four-month period was incredible & I have managed to increase my capability enormously with the training that George gave me. 


His training system and positive attitude gave me the mental strength that I needed! I'm genuinely grateful to train with George & I recommend to anybody that want to take his performance few steps forward to prepare with him.

200m DYN (New NR)

125m DNF (New NR)



Constantinos Tziorgis- Cyprus

I started my collaboration with George in the middle of this season. My primary objective was to improve my spearfishing performances.


After several conversations with George, he made me a program tailored to my own needs.

The program included a range of specialized pool and fitness exercises.


I can say that from the very first excursions to the sea, I managed to achieve dives near the depths that last year I managed to accomplish after almost three months of frequent contact with water!


I will definitely continue my collaboration with George during the new season!


Christodoulos Christodoulou - Cyprus

 I can say with certainty that my cooperation with Giorgos was extremely fruitful!


During our cooperation, George prepared for me a series of specific warm-up exercises that I performed three times a week alongside a cycling apnea program aimed at increasing my physical condition which, as we have realized, was my weak point.


In this specific period (June), I have dive-times over 2 minutes at 30 meters without seeing any fishing prey to keep me interested In further staying. Moreover, it's fascinating that I have achieved similar times almost after five hours of spearfishing, which shows that I have acquired not only comfortable with the depth-pressure but also duration in my dives.

Name, Title



Nikos Konidaris - Greece

By the end of the Basic Plan, the results of my improvement were beyond expectations.  The primary target was to develop my CO2 tolerance levels, strengthen my lung muscles and improve my overall fitness.


All the targets as mentioned earlier were achieved by following my coach's instructions.


George and I are currently working together on the Premium Plan.


Since numbers speak for themselves, my PB breath hold time after 6 months of training is now 07':16'', my depth adaptation comes naturally without any equalization difficulties, my endurance has increased (over 2 minutes dives with 1.0kts current and constant finning to maintain position), and I managed to lose 19.0kg of excessive weight and get into a very competitive shape.


To anyone that is reluctant to choose one of George's programs for online training, please be informed that all my progress and efforts have recorded in log books that are available via George.


Gregory Mougis - Cyprus

I feel delighted because, after much persistence and effort from me and George who was always next to me ready to help me with any queries and giving me the support I needed, I have reached the result I had set since the beginning of the season.


Already from the very first excursions in May I broke my personal record with constant weights with dives underneath 40 meters with comfort regarding the depth and in my equalizations .


Fidel Lopez Campanario - Spain

I´m shocked because my levels of energy are much higher now. I don't need to sleep after lunch anymore, and I can feel much energy during the afternoon and evening. Moreover, I sleep much better during the night than before.


Now I can play with my daughter after lunch, and one month ago It was for me impossible to do it as I was feeling exhausted.


Furthermore, I've been suffering from upper back pain during the last year, and I have received weekly sessions of massage and a monthly session with Chiropractor, as I usually have very stiff muscles on my back on both sides around D7-D10.


After the mobilities and stretching sessions (mainly work with the ball for deep massage and stretching of the diaphragm), my back pains have gone, and the chiropractor told me in the last session that my pelvis has balanced since last month.


I also feel all the upper part of my body very light now. I feel much more relaxed. I am feeling great Giorgos.


So, Many thanks Giorgos as I didn´t expect all these changes in only one month with your training system. It is fantastic for me.

All the best. 


Aleksandr Zaborski - Estonia

Georges advise was tailored to my body and goals (physical and mental requirements for the benchmarks set).


In the third 4-week cycle I did 6 pool sessions + 1 stretching workout during a week (that is while having a fulltime job). Although it sounds a lot, I remained highly motivated (maybe an influence of overtraining). My endurance is on the rise, my technique is improving and I feel that I am becoming better and better.


Recovery time after each exercise and after each training session is also reducing.